About us   

       JIANGSU WANGPAI MOTOR MANUFACTURING CO.,LTD is located in Erqiao Industrial Park (Shanyang Town Industrial Concentration Zone) of Baoying County. It was founded in February 2004. It covers an area of 66,000 square meters and has a construction area of 28,000 square meters. Its ownership is a private enterprise. Wang Birong, the legal representative, has registered capital of 50 million yuan, total assets of 133 million yuan and assets-liabilities ratio of 41%. The company is mainly engaged in the production of AC/DC motors and AC/DC power (control) devices. The products belong to the industry encouraged by the state, and are also one of the key backbone enterprises of Baoying Countys pillar industry - characteristic industrial cluster of transmission and transformation equipment.
       The company consists of four branches: motor manufacturing company, automation control equipment company, non-ferrous metal casting company and Tianjin King Brand Electric Company. It can produce more than 1500 specifications of AC and DC motor products in 18 series, and has 156 sets of main production equipment. There are 6 workshops for stamping, laminating, metalworking, winding, inserting and assembling. The main parts are organic base, main and pole-changing core, main and pole-changing coil, armature, end cover, brush rack and exterior parts, etc. Mainly through welding, dynamic balance, dipping paint, performance test and other key processes to complete the whole process of motor manufacturing. Through the quality and Technical Supervision Department of Jiangsu Province to test the quality of motor products, it conforms to the technical performance indicators stipulated by the state, and has excellent product quality. The qualified rate of the products is up to 100%. There are no major quality complaints, and it is deeply trusted by customers. At the same time, perfect after-sales service management system, in large and medium-sized cities in China have set up sales service outlets, market coverage and customer satisfaction rate continue to improve.
       JIANGSU WANGPAI MOTOR MANUFACTURING CO.,LTD is a comprehensive enterprise integrating production, learning and research. It has certain strength and foundation in design, development and manufacturing. It has established "Yangzhou Medium and Large DC Motor Engineering Technology Research Center" and "Yangzhou Certified Technology Center", which are "National High-tech Enterprise" and "Jiangsu Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Innovation Capacity Building Demonstration Enterprise". Industry". With Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Beijing University of Technology and Jiangsu University, the company has established a long-term cooperative relationship of production, study and research. Five products have been awarded the title of high-tech products in Jiangsu Province, and nine patents for utility models.
      The company pays attention to enterprise management and enterprise culture development. It regards ISO 9001 international quality system standard as the core idea of enterprise quality management. All quality-related activities are under control. In recent years, the company has been awarded the title of "Jiangsu private science and technology enterprise", "National high-tech enterprise", "Jiangsu enterprise credit management standard-compliant enterprise", and has obtained bank credit rating. "AAA", "AAAs contract-abiding and credit-abiding units", "Jiangsu famous brand products", "Jiangsu famous trademark", "Yangzhou well-known trademark". It sells well all over the country. In 2011, it obtained the export product quality license and opened up the overseas market.